Nowadays to keep yourself in demand you must know doing business actively with your mobile device, smartphone, tablet or other devices. Not to forget your kid’s homework & their assignment or school project hardly give you time to do something else. So, the hectic schedule people don’t want to waste their time in booting a computer, give a command to a printer for printout. The wait is actually not their cup of tea anymore. Everybody wants instant work. This can be only possible by making changes in routine devices. One device that can need up gradation in your workplace, home or business is a printer.

If you can relate with above given situation than the wireless printer is a thing for you. Wireless printer is the best device for a busy person. They can save their time and can be more productive. So, for today we have come up with Printer Setup Wireless. If you are looking for the steps to setup your wireless printer than our todays blog is for you. In this blog, you will learn what the best way to use a wireless printer. Generally, you need to install printer & connect it to the computer or can start printing. So, let’s get started for printer setup wireless. Below mentioned steps are meant for a printer that is not been connected to the computer or not in Home network earlier. Learn how to devices

Steps to Install Wireless Printer

  •    While setting up a wireless printer, Ensure your router or access point are powered on. Your printer will search out for a router and later list out detected network names directly on a computer screen.
  •    In case, your computer is connected to any Virtual Private Network (VPN). Detach VPN connection, before you access new device on the network, including your Wireless printer.
  •    To connect wireless printer wirelessly, Press the Wireless Direct button on printer control panel.
  •    Now, tap setting from the right edge of the screen & then Change PC Setting
  •    Next, go for PC and devices option & click on Devices. After this, you check whether your printer is showing under Printer or not.
  •    If, Printer is not get listed in click on Add a device & then choose your printer & install it.

Steps to Install Printer or Add Device

  •    First, Hit Start button & after that click on Start menu then Tick Devices and Printers.
  •    Now, click on Add a printer.
  •    Click on Add a local printer under Add Printer wizard option.
  •    Go for Choose a printer port page now ensure Use an existing port button or printer port is selected.
  •    Next, on the page of Install the printer driver, pick printer manufacturer & model, & tick on Next.
  •    Suppose, your printer is not listed, click on Windows Update & wait till your window identifies Extra drivers.
  •    If nothing is available then you already have an installation CD. Just click on Have Disk and browse the place where the printer is positioned.
  •    In the end, complete added steps in the wizard & click on Finish.

In case, you have any issue during printer setup wireless then we have listed some troubleshooting tips for printer issues.

  •    First, check printer’s electrical cord whether it is connected to an electrical outlet or not?
  •    Don’t forget to check if the power switch is turned on.
  •    If you want to print on a shared printer/wireless printer on a network then ensure router computer is on.
  •    If your printer or device is plugged into the backup power supply or surge protector then ensure hardware is on.
  •    In case, you have wired printer, check if printer cable is connected correctly from your printer to Computer.
  •    Let’s assume that you have a wireless printer then check the wireless connection. Make sure option of printer’s wireless is On & Active
  •    Majority of the printers comes with a blue wireless icon button, which gets display when it has a wireless connection.
  •    Now, you can track printer’s wireless connectivity.
  •    Apart from this, your computer has Printing troubleshooter tool that can fix problems while installing or connecting printer.

If you any issue with updating drivers while printer setup wireless then you can follow below Mentioned steps

Majority of the printers requires driver updates in order to work smoothly. In case, you have upgraded to newer Windows version then your printer may not respond to a newer version. Or your driver may get damage due to viruses, outages or many other computer problems. So, if you want your printer work smoothly, download the latest driver for your printer.

In case, you have not contended with the steps given in the blog regarding printer setup wireless then contact us. We have a team of Experts who are equally talented and knowledgeable in proving a quality solution for your printer. You can contact our team 24/7 on the toll-free number or via Live chat support window. Apart from this, if you wish to share any feedback & Suggestion with the team then, comment us.