How We work?
We work through remote tool technology under supervision of the supervisor. We do not peek on any personal data on customer’s computer.
What issue’s can be fixed?
Any software related issues are entertained. If there is paper jam, ink cartridge issue’s or the

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Logon to our website and click on the bottom left corner on the chat and one of the representative will chat with you share the case history and he/she will have a technician call you on your number within 4 – 5 Minutes time. You don’t have to call anyone, no need to waste time on the IVR for 10 minutes.

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Who We Are?
We are an Independent third party company provides support for all kind of printers. The company is based in Houston City, TX (USA). As a company we have over 329 Technicians working who have done masters in printers. We are affiliated with BBB Better Business Beauro with

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Printer Setup & Basics

Printer setup can be very easy. You need to follow basic steps like connecting USB cable and installing right drivers. If printer doesn’t work or not showing connected, that means you have missed out any step. We provide support for such issues.

Printer setup team will help you understanding printer basics. Printer is an electronic device to convert any document, picture from a soft copy form to hard copy form.

3d printer is also a new aspect for creating three dimensional objects.

HP DeskJet and Office jet series are the most popular printers for people using it at home or small office. You can connect these models of printers hardwired or wirelessly to your device like computers, tablets, phones and many more.

Functions like act as a Copier, Fax and CD/DVD Printing along with printing. So you can not only get a print out of it but you can send and receive. Fax or even if you need to make a copy of an existing document, it is a simple task.

Printer Setup Instructions

Printer setup is easier when hardwired with the help of a USB cable. Get the printer out of the box and plug the power cable to it following the instructions on the user manuals plant the Ink Tanks into the directed place and begin the setup.

After turning on the printer and making sure it is connected with your computer with a USB cord. Press the power button on the printer and once you have a display on the ting screen on the printer, insert the printer setup CD in the computer ( If you do not have a CD-Drive in your computer, you can download the software for the printer from the website taking the model number of the printer as reference). Mostly, setup CD once inserted works as auto play but sometimes you need to access the CD drive (In case of Windows OS you can access the CD drive from My Computer option). Run the setup and complete the configuration.

Printer Setup using wireless

In case of wireless connection, the printer can be connected to the router in two different ways:

Some printer has the wireless WPS button available and some WPS is available physically on the router. You need to simultaneously press WPS button for 3-5 seconds which creates a connection between them and other computers, tablets, phone and Smart TV. Some routers might not have a WPS button. In that case the WPS button can be accessed through the router login page. The

second way to connect the printer to the network is connecting Ethernet cable between the printer and the router.

To connect the Hp printer or Hp printer setup:

What you need before starting.

  • A network that works on 802.11 b/g/n wireless standard. It must have an access point or wireless router.
  • Network name and passphrase of the same network.
  • The computer that you want to connect with the hp printer that must be connected to the network and it also has the Network Graphic Card.

Traditional method to setup the hp printer can be done by following these instructions.

  1. Insert the setup CD into the CD or DVD drive.
  2. Follow the instruction coming on the screen. You have to enter the wireless settings and connect to the wireless network. If the connection fails then follow the instruction on the prompt to correct the same. If still the problem persists then you can take help from us.
  3. When the setup gets installed, you do not require any USB cable. Plug out the USB cable and now you can see the name of the printer in the network list. Then you can directly connect to the printer by clicking on the name.

How to copy documents by using hp printer?

Follow the steps given below to copy the documents.

  1. Put the paper you want to copy in the input tray.
  2. Lift the lid and load the original document from the right front corner of the scanner.
  3. Close the lid and start copying the content by pressing the copy button. You can select wither simple copy that gives you black and white copy or you can select print color.
  4. You can also increase the number of copies by increasing the number.

Copying of document is completed after following these steps. You can copy any number of documents.

Improving the print quality

If you want to improve the print quality then you can do so by following these steps.

  • Ensure that you are using the ink cartridges of Hp.
  • Select the best print quality and relevant paper type under the media tab. This will increase the quality of the print.
  • Check the ink level in the ink cartridge. It should be up to the mark to print clearly.
  • There should be proper alignment of the ink cartridge into the printer. If you do not know how to align it then take guidance from the technicians through live chat.

Resolve print issues

Check these troubleshooting tips to solve the issues related to printer.

  • Printer should be turned on.
  • There must be paper in the input tray.
  • If there are some error messages shown to you then there must be given some instruction to solve that. Follow the instructions given to solve the error.
  • If there is wired connection between printer and computer then check the wires, they should be properly connected. If the connection is wireless then make sure the connectivity between both is working.
  • Make sure the printer is not offline or turned off.

If you have any other issues with your printer then the mentioned above, you can contact us freely. Our team is available 24/7 in your service. You have to message us through the live chat window. Our team will get back to you as soon as they will see your message and stay connected till you get a solution.

Disclaimer : This website is not affiliated or associated with any 3rd party brand unless specified. Brands,Trademarks,logos and company names are only for referential purpose